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$ 9 per month


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2Performant is an affiliate marketing network that connects online marketing specialists with online stores and brands based on a cost per sale model.

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  • 26 Jul 2022

Comments & Questions

  1. I downloaded and installed this plugin fine, although when i went to The Actual Plugin settings Clicking on Product Feeds as well as Advertising Rankings doesn’t show anything (No Message Either) (Now If i click plugin settings at the bottom it takes me to a section where it says Username & Password > So i’m not sure if you have to login first then it’ll show the Sections of the plugin!

  2. Yes i will try it now and report if any issues

    Thank you!

  3. Cheers, we’re always here =)

  4. Okay so I’ve tried the updated version and it appears to have the same issue, of not showing anything in the 2 sections (I can’t currently video it to show you as i don’t have software available) as i do have products that should show in the sections ect.
    Clicking both of the Sections just provide blank sections with no info or error message I also tried to change themes to a normal theme but same issue

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi @HugeMistake – that’s odd man.

    I have to see what’s the issue here and I will update this thread if I can find a solution. :slight_smile:

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