Affiliates Enterprise 2.18.1


Maximize your revenue with the best growth-oriented marketing system for your business, the premier Affiliate Marketing Platform for WordPress. The Affiliates system provides the most powerful growth-oriented tools to run a successful Affiliate Marketing Program. Enterprise features include campaigns, multiple tiers and pixel tracking. Designed for Growth A fresh and intuitive dashboard helps your partners to spread the word about your site, products and services easily. Affiliates can market your products and share links to any page on the website, using simple tools that are built into its dashboard. Designed to deliver a smooth experience out of the box, it is ready to be deployed with virtually any theme, even without customizations. Your partners can review their performance and earnings over various time periods, with details on clicks, individual visits, referrals and earnings. This allows them to optimize their marketing efforts based on the statistics that the system provides. An easy to use interface, with a natural representation of the data makes it an exceptional experience to work with, for novice and seasoned affiliates alike. The ready-made Affiliates Dashboard provides an integrated experience that handles everything from login and affiliate registration to a flexible performance overview, an easy to use link tool, details on referrals, affiliate link traffic, banners and campaigns. Even though the system provides a standardized toolbox, it also allows refining the design and the facilities provided for your affiliates even further, with its flexible template-based dashboard sections. Important features include our ready-made, yet customizable Affiliates Dashboard, with its unified sections for affiliates on the front end. Resourceful administrative affiliate management sections provide powerful tools for your site’s affiliate managers. The system comes with highly customizable commission rates and is readily integrated with WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress. It also provides additional integrations and extensions and makes it super-easy to provide your affiliates with appropriate banners that they can use to promote your products. The system can further be used with virtually any platform, embracing e-commerce, memberships, forms, lead generation, lead tracking and many more. The Affiliates system also provides a solid framework for developers, who wish to build customized solutions based on a sound data model. For extensive information about all features and detailed instructions, please visit the  Documentation . Features Affiliates Dashboard A fresh and intuitive dashboard helps your partners to spread the word about your site, products and services easily. This fully-integrated setup-free dashboard is composed of several sections which can also be used individually. Available as blocks, shortcodes and via API functions, all parts are also fully customizable using templates. The dashboard’s overview features flexible time-periods for statistics on clicks, referrals and earnings. A section with details on link traffic provides useful information to fine-tune marketing efforts. The dashboard also features a section for banners, where affiliates can obtain codes and customize the banners’ target URL. The dashboard includes campaigns and campaign management, where affiliates can use campaigns to track their marketing efforts. Campaigns are also integrated suitably in other sections of the dashboard, where affiliate can see the related data for specific campaigns. Real-Time Reporting Referrals and affiliate link statistics are recorded and available instantly, as transactions are processed. Unlimited Affiliates Simply have as many affiliates as you can get, the system does not impose any limitation on the number of affiliates it can handle and it scales beautifully. Leading Integrations We concentrate on providing  integrations  only with the leading platforms for WordPress in e-commerc

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Error in activation
Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

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Plugin not working / installing. It freezes when I hit install, so I downloaded it to manually upload it and install it, and when I try installing it, it says plugin not found in the .rar