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The AIomatic plugin will allow you to publish new posts with AI generated or to update old posts with fresh content relevant to the article or post. You can tell the AI to write negative or positive product reviews, dialogs between different persons, commentaries on events, articles relevant to the title of a specific post and many many more. The limits are beyond your imagination!

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  • 14 Nov 2022

Comments & Questions

  1. Avatar for gyurci gyurci says:

    Sadly, the download button doesn’t work.
    Would You check it, please!

  2. Hello @gyurci – thanks a lot for reporting this but I just checked it and the download button is working on my side.

    Please note that all recently added items are queued up to sync with our systems and this one was queued probably while you tried to download this item.

    I fixed the issue for you and feel free to try it again, please.

  3. same issue. same can be said for WordPress Sandbox. download button does nothing.

  4. Thanks, please check again.

  5. same button does nothing.

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