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$ 9 per month


If you plan to create an application site, then Appyn is for you since it is developed so you can upload information from Android applications. It has several options for you to add the app’s data, video and images.

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  • 30 Dec 2022
  • 08 Nov 2022
  • 18 Jul 2022
  • 10 Nov 2021

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  1. Hey There,
    I was wondering if this theme has the API key bind to it inside which will be used to run the APK extractor?

  2. Will you guys kindly update this resource to the latest version.

  3. Appyn - Themespixel WordPress Theme has been updated to 2.0.10

  4. can you please update this theme

  5. Appyn - Themespixel WordPress Theme has been updated to 2.0.11

  6. as we install this theme but without the API key we can not extract any theme or apk files from google play stores.
    Due to that having this theme is not useful with an extractor.
    lemme know any other alternative method for app extractor by using this theme.
    Let me know.
    Thank you.

  7. Hello @asifseo – please note that the import of demo content is generally not supported with our services.

    @FestingerUpdates – can you please check for demo content?

  8. Sorry, No Demo content available for theme Appyn. Thanks.

  9. I am not asking about the demo content.

    I am asking about, the content is not fetching when we add the google play store id.

    when we add any link from the google play store to fetch the data of apk, it won’t fetch any demo it says invalid license key.

    So it’s not activated completely.

    Let us know when u gonna activate the theme or provide us with the key. so that we can use that key to fetch the content from the google play store.

    Thank you

  10. Please note that we do not support the import of demo content.

  11. Then how can we use this theme any video or procedure so that we can follow the the same to do so.

    Or else lemme know what is the use not having any key or not able import of demo content.

    Without that this theme is waste .

    Is this waste without key ?

    Any procedure to follow to use.

    Please share more info.

    Thank you,

  12. I Won’t get any response from u guys ?

    Without importing demo content this theme is waste.

    Any alternative way to use this theme any video or any method to follow ?

    Please let us know ASAP.


  13. We already provided you the answer 3 times:

  14. AoA, asif can you please share the them zip file

  15. Unfortunately, this is not allowed on our forums.

    You need to have a valid membership in order to download themes and plugins from our main website.

  16. Appyn - Themespixel WordPress Theme has been updated to 2.0.12.

  17. This is not ethical to share any kind of theme or plugin buddy.

    U should have a membership to buy ay theme or plugin and it is not able to share ,its illegal.

    Sorry for that @umer260687

    You can buy membership. its good one really awesome support are there.

  18. Hey buddy @ebrsplaygames

    how u gonna using this theme without key?

    They are not providing the API key also to use.

    No Demo content is available for this theme Appyn.

    How u gonna use this please let me know.

    Thank you

  19. just wanted to know this theme is untouched right? not nulled? because i once installed nulled theme and my website got virus

  20. Hello @richpoetry,

    That’s 100% right and welcome to the community =)

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