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Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market, with more than 525,000+ beginners, professionals, agencies, businesses, and creatives that have moved over to design freedom with Avada.

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  • 24 Jul 2022
  • 21 Apr 2022
  • 03 May 2022
  • 16 Apr 2022
  • 09 Apr 2022
  • 02 Jan 2022

Comments & Questions

  1. The Avada Theme not working please as the download is not available yet. Please update it and give the option to download it in 5000+ plugins plan

  2. @grozmart1 - the issue has been fixed. Please note that you tried to download the file when our backend was syncing. We’re ready to improve that workflow.

    P.s. I have merged your support ticket with the thread of Avada. :slight_smile:

  3. its not getting download please enable download mode for downloading all Avada themes and plugins

  4. It’s getting struck not being downloaded do something

  5. problems with Avada themes and plugins coming and some plugins not working and not being able to download resolve this issue so I can download anything

  6. Most plugins and themes and plugins in 5000+ plugins plan are not able to download Avada themes and other plugins and themes

  7. Hi,

    I just checked the download and it’s working for my side. I assume you experience a different issue?
    Please note that the import of demo content is not available with our services.

  8. it’s not working sir/mam tried please help in downloading all Avada themes and plugins on my WordPress site and here also festingervault also tried not working

  9. What exactly is not working @grozmart1?

    – edit –

    Please note that you need the required addons/plugins. These can be downloaded from here:

  10. hello sir/mam

    Your plan download limit is over, please refill license to enjoy more download.

    this is coming even if I am having 5000+ plugins and themes lifetime key available what is this happening please correct it

  11. That’s right, you received one free download, and you downloaded the Bimber theme already. If you want to download more items, you can check the memberships page for more information.

  12. I am needed of Avada theme & plugin if possible that please give free zip file as it should be something

  13. Avatar for yn1 yn1 says:

    Would it be possible to get it updated to the newest version?

  14. Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce has been updated to 7.6.1

  15. Please can you help with Avada theme version 5.9.1

    My website is currently at 4.0.3 and I need to first upgrade to 5.9.1 before I can update to the latest version

  16. Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce has been updated to 7.7

  17. @Festinger

  18. Sorry I don’t have access to version 5.9.1.

  19. I have the 7.7 installed and installed the other accompanied plugins but having an issue…

    Currently what I am seeing -

    " Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Fusion_WooCommerce::is_new_checkout() in /home/customer/www/ Stack trace: #0 /home/customer/www/ FusionBuilder->checkout_elements_wrapper(’[fusion_builder…’) #1 /home/customer/www/ WP_Hook->apply_filters(’[fusion_builder…’, Array) #2 /home/customer/www/ apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘[fusion_builder…’) #3 /home/customer/www/ Fusion_Template_Builder->render_content(Object(WP_Post)) #4 /home/customer/www/ Fusion_Template_Builder->{closure}(’’) #5 /home/customer/www/ in /home/customer/www/ on line 6348"

    Clearly an issue with Fusion Builder… Can you get this working correctly…? I can even supply login crews if needed. thanks

  20. Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce has been updated to 7.7.1

  21. Cheers!

    I assume you got it fixed by installing the required plugins? :slight_smile:

  22. Avatar for trems trems says:

    When I deploy on my WP site, I goto the theme and it requests download plugins. When I that, the download stalls and never completes.
    Is there something more I should do?

  23. Hey man, that seems weird.

    Can you explain me a bit better the step by step to reproduce the issue? I will try on my side and see what happens.

    To reproduce, I just need to install the Avada and then try to install the recommended plugins?

  24. I believe you mean this screen correct?

    I think it may need a long time depending on the host. It keeps running for me:

    I will check if any error happens.

    But this appears to be related to the host if it fails.

    I would recommend you to increase all php limits to the max on your host and add this line on wp-config.php:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '1024M');

    this should help. (if you host doesn’t support 1024M, try something lower like 512M).

  25. Avatar for trems trems says:

    Really, all I’m trying to get is this:

    It timed out twice, then it loaded.

    Now there are 2 new errors:
    Install/Activation/Update Of Required Plugin(s)
    Needed: Avada requires the following plugins installed: *[Avada Core and *[Avada Builder]

    When I try to upload those they time out as well.

  26. Avatar for trems trems says:

    I upped my limit as high as possible

  27. Hmm, I will check the error logs on my side. Seems like I’m also unable to install.

    On the previous version did it work fine?

  28. Avatar for trems trems says:

    First time attempting.

  29. @trems

    I found the solution.

    1- Disable the avada theme and enable any other theme
    2- Enable avada again.

    All set :slight_smile:

    Now you should be able to download the plugins here:

    Let me know if worked for you!

  30. Avatar for trems trems says:

    How did you add these?:
    Avada Core and Avada Builder

  31. From festinger vault!

    Sorry, I didn’t notice that the download plugin wouldn’t work. So you need to download from the vault the addons as well

  32. Avatar for trems trems says:

    Thanks mate! Do these addons get uploaded on WP to themes or plugins?

  33. Plugins. You can download them directly with the Festinger plugins and they should auto update as well

  34. Avatar for trems trems says:

    Got it!
    Thanks for super fasts responses. I’m going to suggest Festinger make you VP of Customer Service! :fist_right: :fist_left:

  35. @aquasp and @trems – Thanks guys for your comments here and I’m happy @aquasp was able to help you out as well.

    This is really appreciated :slight_smile:

    // I merged the topics together with the support topic of Avada. :slight_smile:

  36. Hey, so how do we import a pre-built Avada website? I tried to import one from their library, says downloading, but nothing happens.

  37. Hi @en2contact – thank you for your comment here.

    Please note that the import of demo content is not available with our services.

  38. Avatar for arexa arexa says:

    Hi, the theme cannot be installed. Is it possible for you to forward the updated version or fix the problem?

  39. Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce has been updated to 7.8

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