BBP Core Pro – Expand bbPress Powered Forums With Useful Features 1.1.0

Bbp Core Pro Expand Bbpress Powered Forums With Useful Features 1.1.0
Lightweight: Loading only necessary css, javascript assets when necessary, it will not load assets unless necessary. Unified Forum Builder: It provides a single, organized view of forums and topics, along with filtering options for various topic statuses, enabling efficient navigation and management. Users can even check trashed topics. Effortless Topic Management: You can create and delete forums and topics directly from the BBP Core Admin UI, eliminating the need to navigate to the classic forum views for these actions. Private Reply: Users can post replies to topics that are visible only to forum owners, ensuring privacy and confidentiality in their discussions. Solved Topics: Allows users to mark forum topics as either solved or unsolved. Solved topics display a ‘Resolved’ badge at the end of their titles, making it easy to identify resolved issues. Voting Feature: Allows users to vote on replies to topics, with the highest-voted reply rising to the top. The voting system is powered by AJAX for a seamless and engaging community interaction. Media Attachments: Enables users to attach files to their replies, which can be downloaded by other users. The attachments are displayed in a separate section below the Topic and Reply content. This enhances the forum’s functionality, allowing for the seamless sharing of relevant files and media within discussions. ** Elementor Integrated:** BBP Core comes with a set of Elementor widgets that can be used to display forums, topics, and replies on any page of your website. The widgets are highly customizable, allowing you to configure their appearance and functionality to suit your needs.

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  • 11 Nov 2023
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