Bellows Pro – WP Accordion Menu from the makers of UberMenu 1.2.1


Wordpress Free Version:

Display your hierarchical content in style with this excellent accordion menu
Allow your customers to quickly drill down directly to the content the need
Highly flexible and customizable – over 20 skins included, or take full control with the Customizer
Build menus in the WordPress menus screen, or auto-generate based on post or taxonomy hierarchies
Menu Generator UI allows you to configure and preview your menus in the admin area
Easily drop into your layout via widget, shortcode, or PHP snippet
Add advanced content like icons, images, widgets, custom content, and more

Feature: Added bellows_auto_terms_query_args filter
Feature: Added bellows_auto_posts_query_args filter
Feature: Added bellows_auto_post_title filter
Feature: Added bellows_auto_term_title filter
Enhancement: Improved RTL support
Fix: Active state added to items with no submenus when default submenu state set to open
Feature: Added Force Override Filters setting to combat themes and plugins that try to filter menu output
Feature: Added Depth/Level limit setting for Terms Autopopulator
Feature: Added option to set submenu default state to open or closed globally
Feature: Added option to set submenu default state to open or closed on individual menu items
Enhancement: Added bellows_menu_item_data filter
Enhancement: If skin is disabled, and submenu dividers enabled, force the divider border
Enhancement: Added bellows_link_attributes filter
Exposed open and close submenu functions to external API
Force parent submenus of current item open even if missing current classes
Submenu item padding Customizer setting
Submenu font size Customizer setting
When link is disabled, it will act as a toggle for submenu
Add current menu item classes properly to terms in automatic terms taxonomy items
Initial Release

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