News - November 18, 2021

Best WordPress Hosting Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

All the WordPress webhosting companies I’ve personally tried or heard about from people I trust!

My compared criteria are: SPEED, reliability (up-time), FEATURES (easy to make changes, add SSL?), and PRICING (not crazy expensive). Customer service is not as important for me since I can do 99% of things myself.

I’ve used nearly all of these webhosts myself (via clients) across a broad range of websites…from small blog or portfolio to big shopping sites, database-intensive forums, or large portals with many tracking/ad/conversion scripts running.

Good Webhosts

Shared hosting (cheapest, but functional)

  • SiteGround – all-around best of low-tier shared hosting and very popular. Fast, good features and support! The GoGeek plan starts at $11.95 GoGeek but renews at $35/month making managed hosting or unmanaged cloud far more attractive. (Their built-in SG Optimizer is *meh*, use SWIFT LITE for best results.) A2 is now becoming the favorite low-tier company due to SiteGround’s recent resource limits. My Siteground review.
  • WebHostFace – started as ridiculously cheap shared webhosting and even faster than SG. Their initial lifetime plans were a great bargain even if you only used them for only a few years. Nowadays, I think their performance has dropped greatly to be more in line with the usual shared hosting.
  • A2Hosting – largely toted as a “great service” but many complain it’s actually slow (long TTFB). I’ve used it and it’s definitely not on the same-level as SG. Their turbo caching isn’t much, either. At the moment, it seems more people prefer to SiteGround
  • GNUHost (UK) – I heard good things about this one but haven’t tried.
  • serverfreak (MY) – cheap reliable shared hosting for Malaysians. Step below SiteGround.
  • Veerotech – haven’t tried them yet but have heard good things. They’re a smaller large company (does that even make sense?).
  • nosupportlinuxhosting – cheap but good webhosting (with no support) for only $1/month per website. Small 1gb space limit, which is more than enough for small sites. Great option for web-techies wanting to get up and running for cheap. (They got hacked and closed down their service. No longer running!)
  • Krystal (UK) – good speeds and cheap pricing, also use LiteSpeed servers. I recommend this for UK folks. I personally tried it.
  • Guru (UK) – another good UK host. Some people like GURU better than Krystal. They use LiteSpeed and allow crawling.
  • SmartHosting (UK) – another UK one, like GURU, and some people like SmartHosting better than Krystal as well but they’ve since been bought by Krystal and some people say they’ve gone to crap.