Blocker - WordPress Firewall Plugin 1.6.0


What does this plugin do? - This plugin prevents  fake, malicious and spam visitors  entering your site. - Blocks  Spam Google Analytics Referrer bots . - Blocks  HTTrack, WPScan and similar malicious bots . - Blocks  malicious email registrations and comments . -  and with more features, you can block everything. All Features • 100% Easy Translation Feature  - Blocker. plugin is coded as compatible with 100% translation into other languages. You can edit languages with WPML plugin. Default Languages : English, Turkish. •  Data Logging System It records malicious users. You can easily check the suspicions. •  Statistics System •  Web Bot Verification Algorithm This feature prevents fake users (web bots). It only allows safe web bots. Separates the real and the counterfeit with a special algorithm. •  Search Engine Bot Verification Algorithm This feature controls search engine bots. It checks from the IP address whether it is real or not. Example: Googlebot, yahoo slurp, bingbot, yandexbot, etc. •  Proxy & VPN Detection and Blocking System You can easily block VPN and Proxy users. Works with Black Box API and results in 99% guarantee. •  Malicious IP Detection and Blocking System With the StopForumSpam API you can block malicious IP addresses. Only blocks the malicious visitor. •  Spam Registration and Spam Comment Detection and Blocking System (without Captcha) With the StopForumSpam API you can block malicious mail addresses. You do not need Akismet and similar plugins. •  Tor Browser & DNS Detection and Blocking System •  Unknown User Agents Detection and Blocking System Real users use a real user agent (browser). This feature prevents Unknown and Undetectable user agents. Reduce unnecessary traffic on your website.

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