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$ 9 per month


A hospital directory website is where you need to show which types or categories of specialist doctors are available, whether they are bookable, what exactly the visit fee is etc. You can do so at ease with the dDoctor theme implementing an out-of-this-world design that fits the medical niche like never before.The best part is that it ships with a host of useful Elementor widgets making the theme thoroughly Elementor compatible. Plus, it will give you an immersive experience through its modern user dashboard, built-in SEO system, advanced search option, custom fields, translation and multidirectory options.Most importantly, with this premium theme, you can create a completely mobile responsive hospital or doctor directory website with exciting features like business hours, listings with maps, social login, pricing plans, PayPal payment gateway, Stripe payment gateway, claim a listing, booking, listings FAQs and so on.

Download Directorist dDoctors - Doctor and Hospital Directory Theme for WordPress for free.

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  • 13 Jan 2023

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  1. Hi. While I am trying to Install the theme. I receive the message, the theme is not available yet. Thanks

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