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$ 9 per month


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Declutter your WooCommerce Disable whatever WooCommerce admin features you want to improve your experience Get rid off WooCommerce ads bothering you in different places of your admin panel Slim down your website by reducing the number of unwanted CSS and JS filesOptimize WordPress admin panel Make the admin panel smooth and clean, by removing unnecessary elements Enhance your site’s login page. The plugin uses built-in WordPress filters and actions which do not increase site load time.Boost your site's performance Get rid of slowing down your page features that you never use, like Password Strength Meter. Clean up your site’s HTML Header section, by removing unwanted scripts. Disable deprecated Emoji scripts, as every modern browser supports emojis.Disable unused core WordPress features Enhance speed and security by disabling insecure XML-RPC API feature By default, WordPress saves each post revision in your database which may lead to the enormous size of your database. Disable post revisions and sleep well. Turn off the built-in WordPress File Editor to improve your site’s speed and performance

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  • 18 Nov 2022

Comments & Questions

  1. Avatar for gyurci gyurci says:

    The plugin asks the license code, could you check it, please!

  2. Hi @gyurci – this plugin should work without a license key.

    Are certain features disabled for you?

  3. Avatar for gyurci gyurci says:

    all the Pro features are disabled. I have attached a photo about it. I have got this screen without the free version installed before.
    My second try was with the free version, the difference only that this screen didn’t show up, but the pro functions was grey and unclickable.

    Best regards.

  4. Hi @gyurci – thank you for providing us with the screenshot.

    I can confirm that the pro features are locked and our team is doing our best to find a way to bypass it.

    We will update you as soon as possible.

  5. Avatar for gyurci gyurci says:

    Hi, any progress on this? Thanks!

  6. Unfortunately, there is no progress yet on this plugin.

  7. Please update Disable Bloat for WordPress & WooCommerce PRO 3.0.3 to please help to unlock pro features. @FestingerUpdates

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