Easy Digital Downloads Fields 1.0.5


Pre-defined field groups Right out of the box, Easy Digital Downloads - Fields comes with a set of pre-configured custom fields oriented towards commonly sold product types. Use these fields, customize them or create your own groups! Completely customize field group templates Each field group template has its own set of fields. Add new fields to any group and choose from a variety of field types. Automatically display field data on the frontend No more theme customizations just to make your data display for customers! Fields will automatically output a table of your data on the product page as soon as you add values. No other configuration is necessary. Display field data in the sidebar with Fields widget EDD Fields includes a very easy to use widget which will automatically display a table of your custom fields and their values for the current download, or a specific one. Select field group and enter data while editing download Populating fields is as easy as selecting which group of fields to use. On the download edit screen, a select field will be available for choosing the field group and then entering in your field values. Custom fields for vendor products too! Frontend Submissions is a powerful extension for Easy Digital Downloads which turns digital stores into marketplaces with multiple sellers. Easy Digital Downloads - Fields fully integrates with Frontend Submissions so that your custom fields can be populated by vendors when they create their own products.

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