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The world’s fastest WordPress Theme and the only one designed for the way internet behavior has changed in the age of social media:
Golden Ratio Typography and gorgeous content presentation styles
Extreme speed thanks to ruthless performance optimization
Backup, restore, import, and export design functionality
“Integrate anything” design customization options
Customizable Focused Landing Page template
Structured HTML data for killer SEO
Perfect for page builders
Heroic support
No matter what kind of site you want to build, Focus has you covered:
A design system based on the golden ratio with intelligent and adaptive customization options
Incredible content presentation styles for maximum impact on every device
A remarkable visual template editor that lets you break free from intimidating technical restraints like FTP, text editors, and code
Optimized for speed, SEO, and easy maintenance
Modular Content so you can deploy email forms, calls-to-action, sales pitches, or whatever else you need—wherever you need it!

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