The WordPress Goldmine is now FREE!

Exclusively for BHW users, you can now get your first download for free!.

What’s the catch?

How do I enter this?

Simply register an account on our website and post your username on our BlackHatWorld sales thread

Fun Boring Terms and Conditions

By entering the vault, you promise not to put a bad eye on the good design or secretly stalk other beautiful members of the community. Your promise not to say ‘f*ck you’ to members but are only allowed to say ‘f*ck yeah’ when you see a kick-ass theme!

You also agree to take one trial per household and not try to download multiple times in the name of your younger IT brother, an old neighbor uncle who wants a new first free site, your lost password, or your girlfriend who wants a theme and so on…

Lastly, you are a human! I know as robots can’t read shit. And I am a human too so give me some time(up to 72 hours) to activate the membership for you.

In a hurry? You can buy it directly from here and get activated instantly.

See you on the other side!

* If you fall in love with the vault and instantly rush to upgrade to buy more cool items, we’re not responsible.