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Jannah takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age of content marketing and flips it on its head with a stunning design, fresh layout options, modern sharing options and integration of most popular extensions for WordPress for maximum flexibility.

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  • 26 Mar 2023
  • 13 Mar 2023
  • 25 Feb 2023
  • 11 Feb 2023
  • 04 Feb 2023
  • 12 Dec 2022
  • 06 Dec 2022
  • 02 Mar 2022

Comments & Questions

We provide technical support through our community forums. If you require any help in regards to a download, please consult our community for further help.

  1. Could you please update to latest version…

  2. The text “buy jannah theme” appears at the bottom of the menu in the Jannah theme. How can I get rid of this?

  3. Hello @legolasanti – thanks a lot for your message here.

    This text can be removed from the customizer theme settings =)

    @FestingerUpdates – please update this theme to its latest version.

  4. We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

    Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

  5. abrahamceviz .com
    As you can see the website is giving an error. It asks for a license. How can we solve

  6. Seems like SEO News Demo is missing. Is there any chance that can be updated? Please let me know.

  7. Hi @temp55,

    Thanks a lot for your comment here, but please note that we do not provide demo content along the themes on our network.

  8. Hmm i don’t think you understand me. Theme needs to be updated. There is 20 demos and 2-3 are missing. Demos are in theme indside LOL. So, in short…theme needs update.

  9. We will update the theme as soon as possible.

  10. Thanks a lot guys! Can’t wait!

  11. Hi @temp55,

    I just checked the demo templates for you, and it looks like it’s not included in the latest update:

    Some other people are reporting it from the original sales thread on ThemeForest:

    We sent a message to the original developer to see if it can be included.

  12. Tnx a lot for the support!

  13. Update not working! After install and activated it broke the wordpress.
    Can´t acess website or admin panel no more.

    No error message, just blank screen. Tried on a clean new install, the same!

  14. Fix when you can please, thanks

  15. The issue has been resolved now.

  16. The file has been replaced now.

  17. Avatar for beshoy beshoy says:

    Same issue

  18. Hello @beshoy,

    Is this showing up on frontend?

  19. Any update the new version shows same message of nulld version

  20. Yes

    Yes on the frontend

  21. any update

  22. Hi

    How did you instal 6.15 everytime show me the below screen

  23. it was the same issue and i have figure out what I need to make it work

  24. Could you let us know how you fixed it please?

  25. same issue on the site

  26. Hello man

    I have sent it to you on the email

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