LearnDash: Slack Integration 1.2.4


About Slack is a free messaging app for teams and companies and its popularity is growing at a staggering pace. This integration makes it possible to sync LearnDash course events with Slack channels so as to view activities in real-time. Add-On Features Configure unlimited notifications -  Setup custom notifications to appear in one (or multiple) slack channels as learners interact with LearnDash course content. 13 LearnDash related triggers -  Know exactly where learners are and how they are doing with your LearnDash powered courses with 13 useful triggers, including: Course enrollment Course completion Lesson completion Lesson availability (drip-feeding) Topic completion Quiz completion Quiz passing Quiz failure Assignment uploaded Assignment approval Learner inactivity Course expiration Essay question is graded Real-Time Notifications -  Notifications are added to slack in real-time. You will know the exact moment a user completes a quiz or finishes a course.

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