LINKSY – First AI-Powered Link Building WordPress Plugin 1.0.11

Semantic keywords​ We believe that the future of everything SEO isn’t just about using target keywords in your posts but creating meaningful contents with topical depths, so we built Linksy to use natural language processing, embracing semantic keywords at its core.Inline link suggestions​ Linksy suggests useful and relevant keyphrases within the post editor so you can see and apply them as you work on your blog posts. Guaranteed, you will never have to leave the view of your post editor to see the suggested keyphrases.Built for speed​ While our goal with Linksy is to help you create more useful and relevant internal links for your posts, we want you to spend less time doing this. We loath unnecessary reloading of pages, so we built Linksy to load as fast as possible.Keyphrase assistants​ Draggable sidebar widget and an inline popup with keyphrase ratings to help with the right anchor selection. Hover over any suggestion to see the highest-rated post, with the option to see more suggestions on the sidebar widget.Brilliant filters​ Apply desired filters to any report with Linksy’s brilliant search functionalities that make searching for relevant data more intuitive than ever! The custom export option respects the filtered report and can further be set to download the columns you want.Ajax search​ As a testament to how Linksy was built for speed, the plugin uses ajax search on relevant pages. Search page titles, URLs and other metrics seamlessly. Get the result as you type, without clicking a button to load the result.

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  • 18 Sep 2023
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  1. Yeah, as soon as it’s installed you can’t get passed the first screen which says:

    Verify your License

    show us you paid for this

  2. Avatar for wishme wishme says:

    Basically without a license plugin is 100% non-functioning.

  3. The plugin requires a license key.

  4. Hi Billioner1,

    We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

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