Nest - Flyout Sliding Panels for WordPress 2.2


Nest is a lightweight WordPress plugin that lets you  add animated off canvas sliding panels to any website . Whether you’d like to set up  a sliding sidebar, a sliding header or footer , or even  a full-screen flyout panel  for your WordPress site, Nest’s feature set makes it an absolute and utter breeze. Not only is Nest easy to set up and use but it’s also very customizable . For example, you can customize a panel’s size and animation speed with pixel and millisecond accuracy. And there are many more features and customization options: Features Sliding panel plugin for WordPress Create WordPress sliding panels to display any content Site-wide panel with per-post and per-page overrides Optionally show panel on front page only Optionally hide panel on specific posts/pages Apply scaling/opacity animations to specified theme content when a panel is opened/closed Smooth and stutter-free animations Sliding panels, sliding bars and sliding sidebars are a fantastic way to display content to your visitors in a memorable way . To give some examples, you can use Nest to display a mailing list sign-up form, alert your audience to an upcoming event, introduce a product, invite feedback from your readers, show off your vacation photos, set up a menu and so on.  You really are only limited by your needs and imagination.

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