Welcome to the FAQ page. You will be able to consult this area if you have any questions remaining.
Didn’t found your solution? Feel free to submit a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help you out. 

1. General Questions

Why choose Festinger's Vault?

You may call me Festinger, and I’ll be your go-to guy for all things WordPress  you may imagine. I have a great collection of paid WordPress themes and plugins, all 100% awesome and legal.

I believe in an open source community and think that WordPress must be available at an affordable price for all of us.

Unfortunately, premium products authors refuse to decouple support from the code, they won’t set regional price differences and they rarely offer discounts for students, low waged or the young.

Why is why The Vault!

We solve this problem by redistributing the code without any ads and other bullshit.

I don’t sell premium products to make money, I collect money to bring more premium products to The Vault.

How can I trust you?

I am glad you asked!

For those of you who don’t know me from BlackHatWorld, I have a reputation for clean and awesome WordPress themes and plugins, a lot of which you can even get for free.

If you’re still unsure, be my guest and check out some (if not all) of the provided links. Just try to count all the grateful people on the threads. I have nothing to hide.

How can I be sure your downloads are safe?

This is probably the biggest concern people have about downloading plugins like these. You can be rest assured that I do NOT tamper with any of these files.

They’re all as clean as a whistle. It goes without saying that you can run them through any and all antivirus and anti-malware softwares you have if you’re still doubtful.

The code is generally not even modified as most plugins work fine out the box.

Except that in some cases, I have to add some additional code to make the plugins work. 

This is just the minimum change to ensure it doesn’t block your access and all features work smoothly.


In addition to start using our service, make sure your server meets the requirements to install and run the vault plugin. 

WordPress Requirements

  • WordPress 5.x

Server Requirements

To run the vault plugin, you’ll need a server that meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.0
  • allow_url_fopen = On

Recommended Hosts

The Festinger Vault plugin will work with almost every webhosting company. I personally recommend Vultr High Efficiency servers to host your WordPress sites. I find them much faster than shared hosting alternatives. 

How do I install and activate the plugin?

It’s as simple as downloading any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Download the Vault plugin from our website.
  2. Now hover over ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Add New’.
  3. Upload the .zip file and click on ‘Install’ once done.
  4. Once installed, make sure to ‘Activate’ it again from the plugins page.
  5. Last step, head to the ‘Festingers Vault’ plugin and enter the activation code received in your email.

Boom! You have unlocked the goldmine.

Where do I get my Festinger Vault key from?

After successful payment, you’ll be able to see your keys in your ‘My Account’ page under the ‘Licenses’.  Make sure you’re logged in while accessing this page, duh!

Do note, each domain can be controlled through you license dashboard at any time.

If you encounter any problems regarding your license, kindly open a support ticket and I will be happy to help you.

Also, ‘inactive’ doesn’t mean your license is inactive but it’s just a reminder that you haven’t installed the plugin on your site yet. 🙂

The download button is redirecting to the 'Get Started' page?

Hey oldie! This is the new vault and everything here is new.

To downloads files, you will now first have to download our Vault plugin.

And then download everything you want from your WordPress dashboard directly with our Vault’s plugin.

Do you provide serial keys?

No. All the items work without a serial code, but please keep in mind that features such as the import of demo content and premium support are not included.

Stylesheet missing error

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” or “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme.

Please follow the steps below to rectify this:

  1. Download the final zip file from your downloads page.
  2. Unzip the final zip file, you will now have the final download folder.
  3. Do NOT upload the final download folder. Open up the final download folder.
  4. Browse the contents and find the actual theme folder. If you look inside the theme folder, you will see a “style.css” file. This is how you know you have found the theme folder.
  5. Using an FTP client, upload ONLY the theme folder to your “wp-content/themes” folder.
  6. Login to your WordPress admin panel and activate the theme.

This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded it incorrectly.

How do I update from the old FestingerBHW plugin?

The license key of the old automatic updates plugin cannot be used for the new vault. Kindly deregister all your websites and install the new Vault plugin. 

You can activate your plugin using the license key from your account’s dashboard.