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The Private Magic Links extension allows you to embed and dynamically update any private download links of your protected files on your content without having to do any manual work.Features Set a default private download link for every single protected file Set a default expiry time for all private magic links Auto-replace existing unprotected URL of newly protected files on content with expiring magic links Automatically create a new private link and dynamically update it on your content when the previous one expires Select who can view these private images, files, and documents on your content Shared Private Links: create one expiring download link that dynamically tracks the download limit and expiry for each user, e.g. customers or any user roles of your website. Display your private files such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF on your website as normal but block direct access to their file URLs. In short, the extension comes in handy when you want to use and embed your private download links directly in your content. Your private download links will expire within a period of time according to your preset settings. Once they're expired, Private Magic Links extension automatically creates a new private link and update the content for you. No more manual work.Private Magic Links extension works well with Prevent Direct Access Gold and Protect Pages & Posts Gold.

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