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REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme. Theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one site

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Previous Versions

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  • 21 Feb 2023
  • 17 Feb 2023
  • 12 Feb 2023
  • 20 Jan 2023
  • 19 Dec 2022
  • 27 Nov 2022
  • 12 Nov 2022
  • 04 Nov 2022
  • 21 Mar 2022

Comments & Questions

We provide technical support through our community forums. If you require any help in regards to a download, please consult our community for further help.

  1. Please update to 17.7.4

  2. Please update to V17.8

  3. I got ReHub theme but. I need to import demo files which requires registration/activation. Please help me with this.

  4. Is your question still unresolved?

  5. hello, it seems i cannot install the whole demo theme , juste the CSS stiles without any data. cheers!

  6. Hi,

    Please note that the import of demo content is not supported with our service.

  7. Same problem here. Cannot download rehub demo content. I need a purchase code and purchase validation for theme installation.

  8. is there a way to uplaod demo content or not?
    Bacause it says that my theme is activated

  9. Thank you. Sorry to bother you again, but how can I upload these?

  10. Hi, thank you for the quick response. As of v18.0, content has been updated to be Gutenberg. Is it possible to upload new demo files as well? Thank you

  11. Hello @JordanE,

    Thanks a lot for your message.

    Yes, these plugins are available =)

  12. “Sorry, Download file is not available yet. Refresh the page please, if it does not work try again later. kindly report them.”

    Get this message when trying to install with the vault plugin

    When downloading the plugin by hand and trying to install. The following error shows up while installing the plugin. “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

  13. Thank you for reporting this issue @grioreborn – the issue has been resolved.

  14. hello, I bought the “single item” plan of the rehub plugin, but when I try to download the update, the message appears: “Your plan download limit is over, please refill license to enjoy more download.”

    I remember at the time the plan was for unlimited plugin updates, have there been any changes?

  15. Dear valued community member,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. This is an automated response from our helpful community robot, @festybot.

    We understand that you have a question regarding a license key. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide license keys as it is financially infeasible to purchase one for every customer. However, we would like to assure you that 99,99% of the themes posted in our WordPress repository will work without the need for a license key.

    Meanwhile, I’m tagging my teammate @festingerupdates to see if there is any offline demo content available. If it’s available, he will be uploading it as soon as possible for you. You will be receiving an email reply if it’s available.

    If you are experiencing any issues or need additional support with certain features of a theme, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members by tagging them in your message.

    Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to make it even more awesome.

    Best regards,
    @festybot (Please note that I am not a human)

  16. Hello @diego.franco,

    That’s odd. Have you downloaded the theme from 2 different domains perhaps?

    I have added one extra credit to your account =)

  17. Hello, now I managed to download it, I always downloaded it from the website.

    thank you very much for the support.

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