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Important information
The Revolution Slider templates can be downloaded from here:

The Revolution Slider addons can be downloaded from here:


Slider Revolution 6 is a new way to build rich & dynamic content for your websites. With our powerful visual editor, you can create modern designs in no time, and with no coding experience required. Stunning visual elements such as sliders & carousels Eye-grabbing hero sections that stand out Whole websites that could win you awards Full web pages that glue visitors to the screen Rich and dynamic content your clients will LOVE

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  • 22 Feb 2023
  • 26 Jan 2023
  • 20 Dec 2022
  • 17 Nov 2022
  • 14 Mar 2022
  • 25 Jan 2023

Comments & Questions

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  1. Hi, update request to latest version 6.5.15.

  2. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.17

  3. Hi, update to latest version 6.5.18.

  4. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.18

  5. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.19

  6. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.20

  7. please update slider revolution to 6.5.21

    Thank you in advance

  8. @here

    You can download the new addons and templates from here:

  9. New version available: 6.5.22

  10. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.22

  11. please update to version 6.5.24

  12. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.24

  13. Hi

    The plugin works well

    But, cannot install add-ons

    error: “slider_export.txt does not exist”

    Can anyone help


  14. Hi,

    The addons are posted above you :slight_smile:

  15. Hi

    Help is appreciated by anyone


  16. Hi there. I installed Slider Revolution. Everything working fine. Also trying to install add-ons which downloaded from the link written below the plugin description. As i upload ZIP file to install add-on manually it shows me error: slider_export.txt does not exist!

  17. Same problem.

    Did anyone find a solution?

  18. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.25

  19. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.30

  20. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.5.31

  21. @Festinger We are having issues uploading this plugin into our website, it keeps saying Failed. What do we do?

  22. Hi @The_Life_Force_Netwo – thanks a lot for your message.

    Are you trying to import the plugin manually or using the Festinger Vault plugin?

  23. Hello, i have the same issue “slider_export.txt does not exist!” i have searched the .txt file but i don’t find it… please help me !

  24. Hi, can you post a screenshot of this issue, please?

  25. Hmm, that’s odd. Can you tell me which liquideffect-addon zip that is?

    Please send it through me by a PM.

  26. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.1

  27. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.2

  28. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_rs_plugin_url()

    slider-revolution-8-1665226754/revslider.php on line 261

    version 6.6.2 gives error

  29. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.3

  30. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.4

  31. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.5

  32. We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

    Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

  33. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.7

  34. Hi @rotmilan → please check this new link:

  35. Please post updated addons, 2 are missing and other outdated

  36. hi :slight_smile: im looking for particle wave and the cluster addon with all other upgraded

  37. please, give me link of one missing template: app website menu

  38. the missing addon’s name is: The Cluster
    the missing template’s name is: app website menu
    i dont have this content and i will be very happy if you post new template and addon links with this missing items

  39. Here is the cluster addon for rev slider as you have requested.

    Will update you as soon as we will post app website menu template.

  40. Template Website menu (12.1 KB)

  41. Hi, i bought slider revolution license for get all updated addons and templates, i want share with you link for all updated addons for slider revolution :slight_smile: 8.97 MB folder on MEGA

  42. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.8.

  43. Thanks I downloaded now (suggest you replace the broken link so everyone doesn’t have to search to find it). However currently nothing is working as getting constantly a notice that my license is deactivated. How to solve this please? (see attachment pls)

  44. Now need the “Revolution Slider Cluster Addon” but cannot find it in the link you shared. Please send me the download link for this addon. Thank you

  45. ok pls ignore last post found it. Thank you

  46. However cannot find " AI Particle Cluster Hero" slider template

  47. Can I please have the link to " AI Particle Cluster Hero" slider template ?

  48. oh I see shame :frowning: any way you can get hold of it please through your license? I need this specific slider and was hoping to have it through my unlimited license. Shame to pay also SR just to get this slider. It’s one of their most popular sliders they offer as templates, so would image it would be included.

  49. Please update Slider Revolution 6.6.8 to Can you please update the templates file please , There’s so much new sliders templates. @FestingerUpdates

  50. Hi @JordanE,

    Are you referring to a particular slider?

  51. Could you also provide the addons .zip file aswell please, thank you

  52. When downloading the file keeps displaying this. Failed - file incomplete. Could you please upload the file to somewhere else or fix the issue thats causing this.

  53. Please check your internet connection, it’s downloading fine from our end.

  54. Sorry, these are all the templates we have at this moment.

  55. Ok I see there are so many new very popular templates, please add them to your files. I see others also looking for updates. Thank you

  56. Hi @Festinger the link to download the templates is giving a 404. Do you know if the templates have been moved? Could you provide the new link if you have it? Thanks so much!

  57. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.8.

  58. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.9.

  59. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.10.

  60. Looks like it’s update time again for this one.
    Version 6.6.10

  61. Screenshot_3

    I need this templates .here are many templates and its so tough to fine out the template .is there any way to find out my favorite template ??

    i don’t know its possible to find out the template without checking every template.

    please help
    Thanks advance

  62. Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.11.

  63. Avatar for chiuki chiuki says:

    I have this one & can make it available for you if you didn’t find it already

  64. Avatar for chiuki chiuki says:

    I have every rev slider template ever made except the last [new] 2 that were released with v.6.6.11 - can we make a trade?

  65. Avatar for bmipp bmipp says:

    I think if whoever have the template can send to Festinger and let it make available for member here it would be good. I have some too. So maybe admin can make a channel for the upload and everyone can send it theirs available and let admin compile the applicable one for all. A suggestion

  66. Avatar for chiuki chiuki says:

    I think this is a good idea. Make the slider templates available in the same way that the addons are available here so people can download the ones they want instead of 350 that they don’t want or need.

  67. Avatar for chiuki chiuki says:

    I have more than 800 of them, and for sure all of the 250 they currently have on their site, BUT - I am missing the latest 2 they released:


    Let me know if you want the ones you’re missing and where I can upload them.

  68. any idea on this?
  69. Hello @jomar.lipon2007,

    You can ignore this message as the premium functions are still working.

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