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Wallhaven - Import High-Quality Images into WordPress 1


Your Source for the  Best high-quality  Wallpapers on the  Internet ! Wallhaven .cc is home to 639,552 high-quality wallpapers Search and  Import  Free  High-Quality  Images from  Wallhaven  straight into your WordPress Dashboard! Websites / Blogs / Shops use images in them, and the quality of those images can determine the  quality  of your website! Attractive  images are hard to come by, and free images that you can use freely on your website are even harder, even more, if you don’t know where to look. Also, it’s a struggle to search through the  internet  for a good photo,  download  the high-resolution image to your computer, then upload it into your website, then try it out to see if it’s a fit on your blog posts. Using  Wallhaven , we reduced all those  unnecessary  steps and allow you to import free to use images straight into Media Library! Simply input a keyword, filter by colors, image resolution & so on, click on Launch Search and simply browse through thousands of high-quality wallpapers. Once you found the image that you want you can preview it and of course import it straight into  WordPress Media Library! All images remain property of their original owners. The plugin uses the official API from wallhaven.cc Features List Works as plugin on WordPress Easy to use Interface Search and import images from wallhaven.cc Filter by keyword, color, resolution, tags & so on Preview image before import Documentation Included official API from wallhaven.cc

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