White Label WordPress Plugin - WpAlter 2.4.1


Alter the White Label WordPress plugin lets you customize most of the elements of WordPress admin dashboard or panel. Alter completely change the style of the WordPress admin panel to your desired color theme and alter most the WordPress elements. Compatible with WordPress latest version 4.9.x In-compatible plugins: Admin menu editor and Admin menu editor pro: as this plugin and WpAlter has same menu customization feature each will take control over others. Actually, we cannot call it in-compatible because our plugin will work with these plugins but users will be confused sometimes due to identical actions between these two plugins. Say for example, if the user did customized a menu text with WpAlter and it won’t reflect because Admin menu editor plugin code will rewrite the menu again with default menu text. KEY FEATURES Unlimited color options. Set your own color theme. Flat/Default design(Shadow style). White Label Branding - Remove WordPress texts and logo and much more as explained below. Your Custom logo for login and WordPress admin pages. Hide, rename and re-arrange admin menu items. Hide admin menu items  based on user roles. Set custom Icons for admin menu items: Dashicons and FontAwesome icons. Custom login Theme. Add unlimited custom widgets to WordPress dashboard. Delete any dashboard widgets even it is created by 3rd party plugins and themes. Remove any Admin Bar menu items even it is created by 3rd party plugins and themes. Add any number of custom links to the admin bar.

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