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$ 9 per month
  • 100% Safe
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$ 9 per month
Important information Please note that Geodirectory - Advertising Addon is NOT available yet, but with your help, we can grant your wish! You can read the instructions here


The Advertising add-on for GetPaid, allows you to easily manage ads and insert them anywhere on your WordPress website.It allows you to sell ads (Hosted Ads) or simply display ads from 3rd party networks like Google AdSense and get paid for their impressions on your website.

Download Geodirectory - Advertising Addon for free.

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion for our WordPress Items Wishlist.

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  2. Hi Festinger
    If Im not wrong, this item is included in the Geodirectory Addons Membership, which you seem to already have.
    Mind taking a look in order to add it? Wouldn’t requiere buying it :grimacing:

    Much appreciated.

  3. @millioninsights we do buy every extension separately from GeoDirectory. =)

    This addon will be added as soon as possible.

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