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$ 9 per month


Simple (Included Downloadable and Virtual Settings) Variable and Variations Group Affiliate THE PLUGIN FEATURES Tags Management (Available since version 1.3.0 – May 3, 2022) Edit all inline fields of the product with the smart and nice UI / UX Add product inline Inline editing with Downloadable Products (Simple Product Type) Inline editing with Variable and Variations Products (Variable Product Type) Inline Bulk-Editing Variations within a Variable Product (Variable Product Type) Bulk delete the product Customize the display of the column Rollback each cell if having any change Search the product with the keyword Filter by the category, tag, price, on sale, featured, SKU… with one click and change easily Manage Attribute, Shipping classes, and config Attribute Terms inside Plugin without return to the WordPress (add dynamically, edit inline, rollback) Full-screen mode without being affected by anything Sort by title, price, name Action for each product (Delete, View, Edit full-screen)

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  • 03 Feb 2023

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