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WP Rocket is the most sensible and advanced cache plugin available for WordPress which has support for WooCommerce as well. It has a separate cache for mobile devices and desktops, which make it the perfect cache plugin, unlike other plugins.

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  • 02 Mar 2023
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Comments & Questions

We provide technical support through our community forums. If you require any help in regards to a download, please consult our community for further help.

  1. Thanks a lot for your update request. I am happy to let you know that our system has updated your request.

  2. Please update to 3.10.8

  3. new update is there

  4. Holy, you guys are as fast as the company itself lol hehe

  5. Feel free to spread the word :smiley:

  6. VirusTotal show a 1% Virus.
    What’s going on?

  7. You don’t have to worry about it.

    Please note that VirusTotal is giving a false-positive in some cases.

  8. It is really a false positive. I have the original WP-Rocket and I tested the original zip. The same “virus” appeared.

  9. Thank you for your verification man!

  10. Hey,

    I uploaded the latest WP Rocket Plugin, but when i upload it and go to my installed plugins, instead of WP Rocket it shows this:

    “This version contains a fix for the WP Offload Media plugin version 2.6.0 and above. Please ensure you’re running the latest WP Offload Media plugin and check that everything works correctly after upgrading”

    Please help.

  11. I am sorry,

    I was able to resolve this, Please ignore the above. And if possible please delete my above screenshot.

  12. Thanks a lot for your confirmation – and your screenshot has been removed. :slight_smile:

    Would you be able to share how you resolved this?

  13. Please update

  14. Hi, by using WP Rocket, I enabled the “Optimize CSS Delivery” > “Remove Unused CSS” and clicked save. After saving I got following message:

    “We couldn’t generate the used CSS because you’re using a nulled version of WP Rocket. You need an active license to use the Remove Unused CSS feature and further improve your website’s performance.”

    Any idea?

  15. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used as it’s done on the servers of the developer =(.

  16. Why show nulled version? How to solve this?

    We couldn’t generate the used CSS because you’re using a nulled version of WP Rocket. You need an active license to use the Remove Unused CSS feature and further improve your website’s performance.

    Check this: Screenshot by Lightshot

  17. Hey ,

    Thanks for your commentary here!

    This feature “remove unused css” can’t be used anymore because the css goes to their servers. On their servers, we can’t edit any code to activate or to solve this.

    To be honest, I think it is fair from their side since this feature does costs them money to maintain the servers and fix the bugs.

    If you need this feature, I would recommending purchasing directly from the developers.

  18. V 3.11.3 licance problem…

  19. dear support
    i receive the following message after i activate WP Rocket plugin, please advice.
    " WP Rocket:

    We couldn’t generate the used CSS because you’re using a nulled version of WP Rocket. You need an active license to use the Remove Unused CSS feature and further improve your website’s performance."

  20. Hi @tareq.ak30 – thanks a lot for your comment here, but please note that this feature is not available with our services.

  21. Hello, I have just downloaded and activated wprocket and I’m getting the following notification in the dashboard:

    We couldn’t generate the used CSS because you’re using a nulled version of WP Rocket. You need an active license to use the Remove Unused CSS feature and further improve your website’s performance.

  22. yes it’s same with multiple theme or plugin … For usage personal it’s ok if it’s for customer never use this

  23. Hi @mun123 – please check this reply.

  24. Please update to version

  25. Hm… Hello. Previously, the plugin was installed correctly, there were no problems. Updated and immediately issued this message, it doesn’t let it go anywhere else, and when you click on the button, there is no effect, the page just reloads. What to do?

  26. I have the exact same issue, just downloaded the plugin and bought the plan mostly for WProcket.

  27. The file has been replaced now, Use the Latest version for WP Rocket. Thanks.

  28. Hi @VECHKASOV – please remove the database enquires related to WP rocket and install it again.

    I just installed the latest version on a new WP hosting and it looks like this:

  29. Unfortunately, the problem exists for me as well.

  30. Tried uninstalling via plugins page, then reinstalling and reactivating via the vault, still exact same issue
  31. Hi @here – I replace the file and please try again.

    Please make sure to download version

  32. Hi @withcaseestate – thanks a lot for your confirmation and I’m happy its working again.

  33. WP Rocket was not able to automatically validate your license?

  34. Hello, @liveandletjake – thanks a lot for your message here.

    Because this plugin is pre-activated we cannot use the license validation of the original WP Rocket file.

  35. Hey did you or any of the vault’s members encounter any problems with WP Rocket lately? Overnight all of my sites with WP Rocket installed seemed to stop working as fast as before. The plugin and the caching seem to work but the effects are far from what they were the day before.

  36. Avatar for reptus reptus says:

    WP Rocket version not working, it is showing like below.

    WP Rocket working fine. what I have to do now?

  37. Hi @reptus – please check the latest version now.

    I just checked the file and tried to pre-activate the latest version again and this one should work as expected =)

  38. Hi @venese0890 – please reply with your account that has a verified license key active on it.

  39. i am a verified customer sir, :slight_smile: when Version is installed it is asking for a license, but Version doesn’t

  40. Avatar for Gollie Gollie says:

    I had the same issue then followed the uninstall guide as well as try to installed on a fresh WP install and still got the license error.

  41. We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

    Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

  42. WP Rocket has been updated to

  43. Hi
    It is not possible to download wp rocket latest version from my site via the festinger plugin.
    But when I downloaded it from the official website, I found a virus.
    wp rocket

  44. Yes, that’s correct.

  45. I am having the same issue. none of the features are working

  46. I have removed the old wp rocket plugin and installed it again with the vault plugin on WordPress, but the issue is still there. Should I download the file manually?

  47. Replace the files does not work. I tried to delete WP Rocket on different ways. The manual way including editing configl.php, .htaccess, deleting folders by FTP or the settings in the sql database does not help!

    Then I tried a rollback to the earlier version. It does not work too! The backend says “successful” but no changes.

  48. I can confirm with you that the current version is not working; therefore I replaced it with a working version; please check the screenshot below.

    Please try again and it should work =)

  49. Thanks, I am glad the issue has been resolved and this is working now. =)

  50. unable to download the latest script, i keep clicking the download button but it does not download anything.

  51. Thanks for reporting this issue @venese0890.

    We were doing some maintenance work on our backend and it should be available now again =)

  52. Hi @venese0890 – please check the link to this right above the htaccess file.

    You have to change the permissions of your htaccess file.

  53. haven’t encountered this yet, can you send the article link how to allow/change permission :slight_smile: thanks

  54. Wp rocket file is getting flagged on virus total. Dropper.Bomgen.VBS.1

  55. Avatar for RXR RXR says:

    Hi. I try use the feature “Remove unused css”, but it not work. Is possible a solution for this?

  56. Hello @RXR – welcome to the community of the Festinger Vault, but please note that the feature is not available as it requires an active license key. This action is also performed from the servers of WP Rocket and we have no control over them.

  57. @here

    With the current version of WP Rocket listed on our website, the Critical CSS and CSS Removal features of WP Rocket do not work. This is because WP Rocket disabled those features for unlicensed users.

    I made the following changes to the get_license_expiration and is_license_expired methods in order to make these features work again. These methods are located here: inc/Engine/License/API/User.php

    Thanks to @johnboland for providing us the script from below =)

    * Gets the user license expiration timestamp
    * @return int
    public function get_license_expiration() {
    if ( ! isset( $this->user->licence_expiration ) ) {
    return 0;
    return (int) strtotime('+10 years');
    * Checks if the user license is expired
    * @return boolean
    public function is_license_expired() {
    return 0;
  58. @Festinger do we know if this has been blocked, or is it more likely that I am doing something incorrectly? Because I am not able to get the ‘Remove CSS’ function to begin compiling CSS within the ‘Used-CSS’ folder. I know that it is specific to this because I do have one valid domain license that works, so it’s not a matter of the server not allowing WP-rocket to pull my CSS down.

  59. Hey @2938293,

    Have you tried to change this code?

  60. Avatar for osman osman says:

    I am using Amazon VPS Hosting via Lightsail

    NGINX Cache with Varnish is used on the server

    How can I use this with WP Rocket as having many issues:

    • Websites refreshed after 5 seconds of entering site
    • Formatting of content gets so bad and responsive issues
    • Just not working as it should

    Any advice would be much appreciated

  61. Hello @osman,

    Thank you for your comment here.

    It looks like an issue with Amazon Lightsail:

    Amazon Lightsail (Bitnami)

    • In Bitnami environments, the .htaccess file may not be available for WP Rocket to work automatically. To resolve, use the helper plugin below to disable the use of the .htaccess file for those environments::inbox_tray: Download (.zip): WP Rocket | No .htaccess
      Developers: You can find the code for this plugin on GitHub.
    • The Bitnami stack has PageSpeed Module (mod_pagespeed) enabled by default. It needs to be disabled to avoid conflicts with WP Rocket. To disable it, please follow the steps provided in this Bitnami documentation: Disable PageSpeed


  62. Yes, I believe I have taken the correct steps. I’m just seeing your message, but I previously entered this before reaching out last month. I just hopped in to double check and it appears that I’ve done what is expected. But it is completely possible I’m overlooking something small in the code.

  63. Sorry, meant to tag your with my reply for visibility @Festinger

  64. Hi @2938293,

    Let me test the code again (it might be possible that earlier provided codes have stopped working).

  65. Avatar for mun123 mun123 says:

    Hello, Im using the plugin pretty table of contents (Pretty Table of Contents for Elementor – WordPress plugin | in order to show friendly URLs in the anchors of a table of content added to elementor (the native elementor table of contents just creates ugly URLs) and I have installed wprocket but the javascript delay feature breaks the table of content. Im trying to exclude the table of contents js but it doesn’t help:


  66. Hi @mun123,

    Thank you for your question here!

    What will happen if you exclude the entire /pretty-stable-of-contents-for-elementor/* folder?

  67. The new WP Rocket update generates an error when you want to edit a WordPress page. If I install the previous version everything works correctly.

  68. If I have the latest version activated and I go to edit a page, everything goes blank. I have made the test in several different webs and in all of them the same thing happened to me. I’m sorry I can’t give more details

  69. Thanks for reporting this @subattack,

    I replaced the file as it was indeed causing some unexpected errors.

  70. WP Rocket has been updated to .

  71. Avatar for mun123 mun123 says:

    It worked! Thanks for your help.

  72. Hello @the-echo,

    First of all, welcome to our Festinger Vault community =)

    Please note that the latest version of WP Rocket is already

  73. WP Rocket has been updated to .

  74. Avatar for Roman Roman says:

    When updating to the latest WProcket it deleted my config, so I had to rollback. Any known issues with this?

  75. Hello @Roman,

    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    At our staging websites, we do not have any issues in regards to upgrading WP Rocket to the latest version.

  76. Avatar for Roman Roman says:

    Maybe its site related I will test further! Thanks

  77. hi, it’s noticing it as a nulled version and wont let me use any of the other options such as deffered javascript etc.

  78. Hello @s.yaqub18,

    Welcome to our community and thanks for your question.

    Please note that some features are making use of the original servers of the developer, so these functions will not work 100%.

  79. Hey
    the option of “REMOVE UNUSED CSS” dont work on the 3.12.6
    can you fix it?

  80. The issue has been fixed now. please download and install again version 3.12.6.

  81. It seems that remove unused css isn’t working. Can you confirm?

  82. Hello @vukt97 - it’s working from my side.

    What version of WP Rocket are you using?

  83. Hi there! I use Version 3.12.6 and have had proper settings enabled.
    I went to their docs that state page source should have style id=“wpr-usedcss” in page’s source code. Plus, pagespeed insights would show no change.

    However, this feature works as intended on perfmatters.

    Is it because “The URL of each page is sent to our API which will visit the URL and will create the used CSS for that.”?

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