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This is the WP-Script core plugin used to activate their themes and plugins.

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  • 01 Sep 2022
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  1. WP-Script Core Plugin has been updated to 2.2.7

  2. Avatar for Mokus Mokus says:

    I have read the I need to give access to wp admin for someone to enter the developers licence key. So if thats the case does it mean that when paying the 49 dollars its only for one website? And what if i would want to change the domain/site where i want the plugins to be installed, do I need to contact you every time for that? If i migrate my site from staging version where the domain will be different from live will the plugin still work or does it require again to be activated?

  3. Hi @Mokus,

    Thanks a lot for your interest and welcome to our community.

    Yes, we need admin access in order to activate the WP-script license key for you. We can activate it up to 5 domains for you and if you want to switch from staging to production website, we will need access again and it will count as two domains.

  4. Avatar for ELORM ELORM says:

    After purchasing my festinger vault plan, added the festinger vault plugin to my admin panel and downloaded and activated the wp-script themes and plugins through festinger vault, I was still required to activate them by WP-SCRIPT before using them. pls help

  5. Hello @ELORM,

    Welcome to the community.

    Please note that we received 7 support inquiries from you in total for the same issue. We do not appreciate it if you crosspost your support tickets and consume our admin resources.

    We sent you an activation email with the request to provide us with temporary admin access.

  6. I have problems with the import. All pages are imported except the home page.

  7. Sir, why is the Kingtube theme and Wp-script not active, you have to enter a license

  8. @Ranzdan welcome to our community.

    Please do not crosspost your questions here =)

    Your issue has been addressed here:

  9. where do i get the licence key for wp-script core

  10. I got this message when visit the WP-Script dashboard
    Your Yearly Access is over. Please renew your Full Access on this page

  11. The issue has been fixed. Please check!

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