DIGITS: Country Based SMS Gateway 2.1

Setup different SMS gateways for different countries to minimize cost and increase reachability with ease. For full details and features, check out the sales page.

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  • 08 Jan 2023
  • 10 Nov 2021
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  1. Hi

    After activating the plugin, a couple of minutes pass and the plugin is disabled. Please fix :frowning:

    Maybe because of the main plugin? Download the latest version here…

  2. Good afternoon. I see that the problem has not been solved. I have also downloaded this plugin now, after activation, it deactivates itself, and a new version 1.9.1 has already been released, and you have the old one here. There is also a moment when buying on the official website before placing an order, you need to enter the license code from the main Digits plugin, and only after that the plugin is loaded into your admin panel. I think that these add-ons will not work, I once bought the main Digits plugin on their official website and have this key, but what should I do with it, how to make this extension work for the main plugin.

  3. Hi @zhilkin.vladimir – we’re currently experiencing more problems with the DIGITS core and its addons.

    Our advice is to stop using these plugins until we provide the next update where you can use the premium features just as expected.

  4. DIGITS: Country Based SMS Gateway has been updated to 1.9.1.

  5. DIGITS: Country Based SMS Gateway has been updated to 2.0.

  6. DIGITS: Country Based SMS Gateway has been updated to 2.1.

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