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$ 9 per month
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$ 9 per month
Important information Please note that All-in-One WP Migration PCloud Extension is NOT available yet, but with your help, we can grant your wish! You can read the instructions here


Export, Import, Backup your website to pCloud using All-in-One WP Migration pCloud Extension

Download All-in-One WP Migration PCloud Extension for free.

Comments & Questions

  1. Looks way too complicated with webdav. But having said that I don’t know how it works, but it looks like it needs another server. All I need is to store in pcloud, and need it simple.

  2. It’s pretty easy man!

    We add the pcloud webdav server ( then enter with our pcloud credentials and boom, we are in :slight_smile:

  3. Well, that was easy. :slightly_smiling_face: OK, I’m in and will vote it up.

  4. Where did you download the free pCloud extension from?

  5. There is no free pcloud extension. That link is from the Pcloud Webdav site.

    Webdav is just a different protocol, like FTP, to access your files.

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