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A powerful woocommerce web to print plugin which helps your customers design or customize logos, shirts, business cards and any prints, custom signs, custom lettering, boat lettering, vinyl decals and many others in your woocommerce shop before the order. You can use this extension as a: Woocommerce t-shirt designer Mug custom editor for WordPress Woocommerce Phone case customizer WordPress Stickers, canvas or decals designer Online business cards, postcards and other print products customizer for WordPress custom lettering tool for woocommerce …and much more. UNLIMITED FONTS Easily manage the fonts which can be used by adding or removing any web font you like. CLIPARTS LIBRARIES Unleash your client’s creativity by giving them access to stunning cliparts and graphics organized in libraries. Each clipart can also be priced in order to increase the final design price if needed. USER UPLOADS CONTROL The Woocommerce Product Designer gives you the entire control on your customers’ uploads by defining the minimum allowed dimensions and files extensions. IMAGE FILTERS The Woocommerce Product Designer includes some photo editing effects such as grayscale, sepia 1 & 2, invert, blur, sharpen and emboss. TEMPLATING SYSTEM Creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting. The Woocommerce Product Designer helps you create unique designs your clients can browse and start theirs from. VECTORS INTEGRATION Vector graphics have become a standard in the web to print industry. The Woocommerce Product Designer includes an SVG file editor which allows your clients to use and modify their vectors right in the edition area. CUSTOM COLOR PALETTE You don’t want your users to use any color they want in their design? The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to define a custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or vector. SOCIAL NETWORKS INTEGRATION Social networks are today part of everything. The Woocommerce Product Designer knows it and lets your clients extract and use pictures from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. ADVANCED DESIGN PRICING The Woocommerce Product Designer takes the product pricing to a whole new level by allowing you to define your own pricing rules based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your clients in their designs. ORDERS ATTACHMENTS Do you have customers who don’t necessarily need to go through the design phase? The Woocommerce Product Designer got you covered by allowing them to send you files as attachments to their orders. ADVANCED PDF GENERATION Most printers are more comfortable with PDF files. The Woocommerce Product Designer generates up to 140 PDF formats, landscape or portrait. HIGH-QUALITY OUTPUT The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to configure your output file dimensions and is not only able to generate up to 15000px wide files for flat files but also SVG files. DESIGNS AND ORDER HISTORY The Woocommerce Product Designer let your clients either access their previous ordered designs and start new ones from them or save their design for later.

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We provide technical support for Woocommerce Products Designer – Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals through our community forums. Do you need support? Visit this link and post your issue!

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  2. Woocommerce Products Designer – Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals has been updated to 5.4.7. You can download this version from here.

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